Tuesday, July 22, 2008

September >> A nEw beGin<<


I will start my first long term permanent job in September'08

Tomorrow will going to meet my boss and sign my first contract

So i am a girl under contract and can not teaching in other dance school

I am so happy, because all my request of the job scope and salary, my boss agreed..

I am just wondering why i so lucky?? haha... Kidding~~

I no need worries about money problem and no need always make interview..
Because i not going to continue event job.. It's my final decision..

I really tired in event line, tired to arrange interview, tired to find people work,
tired to worries payment problem, tired to deal with client..

I am just want to work in TDC, get monthly fix salary, do some easy paper work,
teaching and join many of different kind of dance classes..
Easy right??
That is what i need and want!!!

I hope i can help TDC solve down all problem, i will try my best!
I know got many student complain TDC management problem, so i hope i can help!!!

I will really to work hard ^o^
Trust me...
Go gO Go!!!