Sunday, August 3, 2008

Yoga Teacher Training Course-Theory Class

Long time didn't add new post, is because i've very busy for my yoga theory class..

I likes the theory class that teaching by two lovely and professional yoga instructors from Ca...
Really gain more experience from them, learning more different things from them..

Few days ago, i just received mail from my teacher- Miss Liew(teacher joey) ^o^
She said: Keep on the good work, more importantly is gain from experience..
I won't forget what she mentioned..

These two weeks really really very very TIRED and busy...
Teacher Blair taught us Astanga Yoga, is more hardly than Hatha Yoga...
And we continued practice the asana work for three hours.. Never experience it...
Very hard and tired, but i like it (^o^)
Hope will have Yoga workshop in the future, so that i still got chance to learn more from the two lovely teachers..

20/8/08 i need to teach yoga class in sungai long.. I haven't ready yet.. I still haven't complete
the 80 hours yoga foundation.. I only joined yoga class for 50++ hours..
I need to preparing from now..

12nd august'08 is the last yoga theory class, times gone so fast, 60 hours yoga theory class complete in 3 weeks.. Only 57 hours, but i gain/learn/experience a lot from teacher Blair and Julia ^_^ Thanks~~~