Saturday, March 27, 2010

27032010 A Day.....*o* just miss u as usual *o*......

Saturday 1020pm Hotly

a night for me to let myself become more pretty :p
**Rose facial scrub + Rose facial mask
**Japan sea salt body scrub
**Hair mask
Ending with Shiseido + SK2 + body lotion ^^
Good smell~ Love myself~
Give a kiss to myself for this pretty night ♥

This Saturday not a clubbing night to me~
But,next Sat night will be~
Can't wait for it...
Driver David,please don't be late!!!
I will be a sexy hot chick and dances with you guys ^^
To those fucker:
Don't hug me if you are drunk!
Don't touch me if i too sexy :p hahaha
Don't kiss me if i too friendly!!
Please watch out if one of you do that at me!
I don't hope will have any unhappy case happen~
Behave your self~ Don't let me to slap people ya ^^

♥ My Love ♥
My Darling is too naughty today~
The 1st sms of the day from him:
The msg wrote by him and in Mandarin!
What i guess he is just know to write and speak wo de ai ren,wo ai ni,hen ai ni ONLY~
I am lazy to reply him in Mandarin,because i need to explain to him after that~
He is so cute isn't ?? ^^
Yeap! He makes my day my life become more wonderful~
Thanks Cupid for brings you to me ♥
My Darling said he's misses me very much too, but he never complaint..
Complain?? Yup!!
Because his baby's girl always complaint that can't meet her Darling~
Ya Ya Ya...I always make noise :p
It's just because i do really miss him ♥ I really do ♥
As my friend or buddy..
You guys known how much i miss him right??
Forgive me about i too noisy and make noise to u guys :p
Before my Darling come back,i will continue be a noisy girl ^^
Hmm..But what i think is you guys already used to it~
Am i right??
Today,as usual..Can't stop to thinking of him ♥
How much i miss him??
How much i love him??
The answer is........