Sunday, November 1, 2009


Wow..already year end.. Fast fast fast!!!
This year too many special things happened!!
I never and never think Agnes will be a single so suddenly!!
And never know and think you are this kind of person!!
And also never know and think you cheated me so many yearssss!!
Haiz...Lazy to talk about it anymore!

I am so waiting for the Melacca trip!!! Really can't wait for it..Lol
Daddy..Please pray for it,will not rain when we in Melacca!!!

today,i just be a good girl and stay at home ^^
Because Agnes not feeling well,very painful ><
Really hope got a man beside of me!hehe

Recently, i continue study and gonna finish my 19 assignments..
Once assignments done then have to pay for the course fees RM 6000!!!
Finish my 40 classes and 2 exam ><"""
I do hope next year or next next year, can open a Yoga and Dance school ^^
Mr Number..........OK!!!
Then all of our team members must attend the Yoga or Dance class ^^ Yuhooooo

I am so happy that u back to your Facebook...
At least i can know something about u and concern u!!!
I was mention to u,even not a pair of couple,i will still concern
and support u..Just not beside of u or behind of u..
knew u for 5 years,i can't and will not forget everything with u!!
I unable to do,because all memories already saved in my heart and mind!
The -delete- button was let a people stolen,i unable to delete all the
memories that u gave me and been with u!!
Happy memory or Sad memory.....Agnes will never delete it...
Wanna tell u Agnes LOVE U..But will just keep in my heart and mind
forever and ever! I hope u too ^^
Maybe i should accept a new relationship now,then i only can stop
loving U ><"