Wednesday, November 18, 2009

18-11-2009 Wednesday

aGneS is feeling a bit tired and lazy to update her blog ><
Always 三分钟热度,这是我家人说的!!!
I broke up with Mr Mok already 1 month and 2 days...
I always mentioned thanks U for the new life ><
Now,i asking myself.....Why i have to thanks U?????
Why Why Why
Me and U too complicated!! I don't know how to explain..
I don't know what u are thinking...
I don't know what u gonna do to me...
I don't know what u want me to do...
I don't know what is the relationship that u think now btw u and me!!!
Hmm.. Anyhow,now i just wanna be a single lady ^^
Not really feel like to accept a new LoVe!
Maybe 散拖 is for me now!!
Don't need to care and handle so much!!!
And don't need to spend so much time and heart..
Hmm.. That is what i thinking now ><
Guys also won't spend so much time and heart to me..Am i right??
So,no meaning for me to do so!!!
Play play play ^^ As long as aGneS is happy ^^
I play but not too much... I know when should END..
I know the theory... I know what should i do and shouldn't do ><
So hope i won't do wrong..
I had been your angel for few years,beside of u,support u,help u!!
My wings is always standby for U.. Mr Mok,do u know that???
But,now!! My wings is just standby for myself,just for aGneS ^^
Until i get my true love,then will share my wings with the new -U-
Not so far,enjoy-ing my new life with my lovely wings!!

I am asking myself now..
Why i don't feel like to go out with other guys???
I keep giving different reason to reject them!
But not rejected all lah ><
I rather go out with my buddies (U GUYS lah)
Mr Number,Daddy,Yoyo,Sam,Albert......ect
Never create a reason to u guys ^^
It was super fun when hang out with all of u..
No stress,no block,no sad!!
Got a lot and different topic..
I am a very emo lady ><
sometimes,i can suddenly feel don't wanna and lazy to talk!
If i out with other peoples,i will think is not good to be!
Then make me a bit suffer!
If with my best buddies,then is totally different!
When i stop talking,u guys still can non-stop chatting ^^
I stop to open my mouth but i won't stop to laugh ^^
Bcoz u guys is too too too too too FUNNY ^^
LoVe u guys..muack