Saturday, December 5, 2009

5-11-09 Saturday

Complicated relationship...
Complicated feeling...

Actually,i knew i did wrong!!
Don't make me really fall for u..
Like that,will make me more suffer!
A deal with my dear,have to end it soon...
If not,will really get hurt again!!

You told me:
U don't want talk so much and don't want me
think that u are going to explain,u just want
me to know that i will not REGRET...
Hmm..Actually,i really can't get what u gonna to
tell me??!!! Sorry.. ><

I don't want and never think that wanna spoil the
relationship between u and her..
That's why when started this complicated relationship,
just think that is just for fun..
But now..........the answer is.....NOT!!
Not really fun ><
Because u are so sayang and love me!!!
You said:If don't sayang me then what for together???
You are right..But....................

Today,my MSN status is Continue or not to Continue..
Sam Sam msn me: she wrote that..
If you happy then just go ahead,then just continue..
I reply her: U know what i mentioned??
Sam reply: Hehehe...I know many things ga...
I asked her,what u know??
But,of cause..She didn't tell and i know a bit what
are those secret that she known..
Then i just stop asking ^^

What a best friend have to do is just supporting and
keep those secret ><
Hmm.....I think i really have to think think think and
make a good decision ><
And i do hope the decision won't make me regret!!!

Clubbing on tonight at Phuture with buddies..
Hope to drunk..Let me drunk..yuhooooooo
Let's party and have fun!!
Schedule full of party till end of Jan'2010 ^^