Thursday, February 25, 2010


What's feeling?? An indescribable thing..
Only u can understand and only u can know~

Special feeling?? Another indescribable thing..
The special feeling is only for special one!!
For Nes, special feeling is only for some one that attracted
me! Some one that i love, i miss^^

To N,as i mentioned and told u many times already!
Never have the feeling with u,that's what we called no feel~
I really can't force myself~ Respect me please!!
Once i told u stop waiting and begging,then u should stop it at all..
Yesterday,my MSN status * Miss-ing U *
You asked me who i miss? The answer of cause is NOT u..
You said you are SAD~
You keep asked me who's that? I didn't answer your question~
You said: I no more chance at all..
Actually,i don't know what should continue to talk with u..
The last conversation is SAD then off line already~
I thought you won't contact me anymore since u know me miss some one
else~ But,today u msn me again and i didn't reply u~
I hope u can treat me as your normal friend, but i know u can't!!

I miss some one,got the special feeling with him^^
The one can make me happy,got a lot of topics..
Can let me feel the Sweet,Warm and maybe the LOVE feeling~
Nothing is impossible~
What's the next step? Don't know!
I trust Cupid^^ Arranging for me^^ The FATE^^
I don't know what u think..The same feeling??
But we have a big BLOCK..Not easy to be together..
Nothing is impossible?? Is that true?

A lot of peoples always said i am a clubbing girl~
Always ask me why always go clubbing?
Hey,please la!!! Not always!!! Seldom la!!!
I am a single now..I just enjoy the happy club moment with
me friends,my buddies^^
I am single and go clubbing doesn't mean i wanna get a water fish
or replacement or boyfriend or husband from there..
I am good girl la!!! My inner self also not bad what!!!