Wednesday, March 10, 2010

10-03-2010 Thick-skinned..........> U..........> Mr N

First day of Blackberry Road Show at Sg Wang~
Super super super boring...
Nothing special,just a boring Wednesday!!
Luckily,my Belover Darling Babi Cat almost accompany me the whole boring working day ^^
Nothing to do but still feeling TIRED..
Damn suffer la...Working at Sg Wang but can't shopping !!!

Mr Nicholas,pleases stop disturbing me!!!
Yesterday received your bbm,conversation as below:
Nic: Miss U
Nes: Why miss me
Nic: YES!! Everyday
Nes: But u know i never and won't miss u
Nic: I never stop hoping
Nes: But my heart is never and won't belong to u as u knew it
Nic: I will try
Nes: My heart is belong to some one else
Nic: You didn't gave me chance
...............bla bla bla!!!!! Sienzzzzz
P/s: I do hope u can stop waiting me and also stop hoping me will give u a good answer!!You told me u will never stop waiting till the day of stop breathing,please don't do this kind of stupid thing and don't tell me this kind of bullshit!!! It will make me feel scary only instead of touching!!Thanks~

My Darling today hutang me one thing again!!
Shopping with me ^^
Today i very guai lui loh!! Breakfast Lunch Dinner and Supper ^^
And of coz medicine for my stomach.. wanna fully recover soon and eat ice-cream!!
But,i don't think it can fully recover soon lo!!!
Every time working for road show also make me not feeling well,stomachache is for sure!!!
DARLING..........I wanna seeeeee U.....