Thursday, March 18, 2010

1st msg for today ♥ 18032010 ♥ ke^N^es ♥

810am,is time to wake up~
Was trying to open my sleepy eyes and check my BB~
Ops..a new msg from My Darling ♥
Walao!! i did read the whole msg from sleepy eyes till my eyes fully open~
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Baby dont u know ur everything 2 me,
and i could never see,
the 2 of us apart...
Dont u know i'd give my life 2 u,
and no matter what u do..
i'll promise u my heart...
i'll build my world around u,
and i want u 2 know..
i need u like i've never needed anyone before...
i live my life for u..
i wanna be by ur side,
in everything that u do..
if there is only one thing u can belive is true....
i live my life... for u..
i'll dedicate my life 2 u,
u'll know dat i would die for u...
and our love would last forever...
and i will always be with u,
there is nothing we cant do...
as long as we're 2gether...
i just cant live without u,
and i want u 2 know..
i love u like i never loved any1 else before.... ♥

And then i replied to my Darling (secret) :p
Darling...You are making me to ♥ you more and more and more~
I ♥ U
No words can describe how much i ♥ u till now!!
And i do know you are love me very much as well ^^

In the evening,the time after i just finished work~
Received the 3rd sms from my Darling~
He told me that our names very similar..Coz..
Daryl have 5 letters and Agnes also have 5..And!!
If u join our names together then becomes.....
♥ ke^N^es ♥
Hmm..Yup!! He was damn free to think about this~
Coz he was driving alone and boring~
And he said miss me so much till think about that ^^
Lolx...Peoples always said both of us *Sai Menggg*
But,i don't think so...
It's the way for us to maintain the relationship~
Since we can't work likes a pair of NORMAL couple as i mentioned~
Doesn't matter!! We never cares about it~
Everyday,my Darling also give me many *sweet words*
Some things special to me ^^
But,what if give me too much now then will you still giving me in the
I'm scaring that the time to reach the *limit* that u can give~
I am trying my best to make the *sweetness* the *love* the *concern*
the *pamper* the *care* the *hearts* can last forever~
Darling...Miss you and wanna see u soon ^^