Thursday, April 1, 2010

01042010 1st day of April

Agnes is very happy!!
Just because of received her Darling call^^
It was very happy when talking with him on the phone..
I miss his voice..
Just now we did talk about the Chinese words :p
He don't even know how to write his name in Chinese but he told me that he'll learn how to write the *love* in Chinese ^^
Have a bet then..
I bet him won't learn and will never know how to write :p

I do have so much things would like to share with yours..
But,this time i just wanna keep all into my heart and just me and him know~
It's just belongs to me and him..
All the sweet memories and sweet talks ^^

Weekend is coming^^
I am still consider Saturday's wanna go KLCC Pavilion and Bangsar with Debbie or not??
Out of pocket!! Damn it...
But i decided to stop shopping since i still have a lot of new clothes :p
Spend money for my face and skin is much better than clothes ^^
Support my decision OK~

I have something would like to tell you,seriouslyyyyyy!!!!!
But not here!!!