Sunday, May 9, 2010

A day with Mummy's ♥

I had a great day with mummy..
Went to one of my favorite place ♥ Bangsar ♥

We were having lunch at Sakae Sushi..
So regretted to go there because i only can take Ramen as my lunch!!
My mummy's ate many plate of *red plate* sushi and Mochi..
And me,just the Teppanyaki Chicken Ramen..

Finished our lunch,should be is time to SHOP ^^
But outside is still raining likes a dog!!
We have to stuck in the Bangsar Village 2..
So i decided to go Nails Couture to remove my *jelly nails* & manicure^^
She told me that my nails is in BAD condition,i can't colouring my nails in these 3 weeks and no more nails extension!!
I was fucking SAD when i heard that!
I bought a bottle of Nails Envy & remover~
==Fake nails remover + Manicure + 2 bottles==
All together she cost me RM 260.. Damn!!!
I promised mummy's,i will bring her comes again for the pedicure & i will go for the pedicure *foot spa* ♥

♥ Shopping Session ♥
I bought two pieces of dress & a belt~
Agnes like it so much~
Total amount = RM 230 ^^ (for May'2010)
No more shopping for this month,i hope i can do it :p
After done my shopping,heading to * Juice *
Was looking the *shoes* for my Hubby ♥
Unfortunately,the shoes already out of stock!!
The price is RM 900 ++
Damn expensive..Because it is *limited*
Limited edition and only few pairs in Malaysia~

How sad when i heard that!
I thought i can give my Darling a surprise!!
**Because the time when he online & see my FB status,sure he know i was looking the shoes for him,and at the same time,the shoes should be with me d**

The boy told me that will have ONE limited edition short shoes coming soon,should be available in next month..Probably the stock is less than 10 pairs..

No mood after visited the Juice..
Decided to go Alexis & have a cup of hot chocolate~
Hope the drink can cheers up my mood again ^^

My mom's asked me about the fucker in sudden..
And this topic of him was last for 10 minutes..
Time to changes topic!!
We were talking about my hubby and it's very funny when i talked about him to my mom's ^^
See!! You brought a lot of joy to me ♥
I told my mom's..You wanted me to cook for you..
I thought she will stand at my side & support me not to cook for you~
But!! She just said that:
Girl,then i teach you how to cooks the ABC soup & others..
What the fuck!
I can't imagine when the day both of them meet & bully me together!!

Some one told me,bully me is one of his hobby..
If only love me will be very bored..
Damn it...But what to do...
I just love the naughty boy~
Darling Daryl, I ♥ You..

Every day i also have to take some times for some treatment~
I am so lazy to do that but i have no choice..
I don't hope to be a pork chop!

I ♥ SK2 (after face cleansing)

* after hair wash * i don't like it but i still have to use it!

My Pretty House new members..Use it EVERYDAY onto my nails!

♥ Everyday ♥
After wake up & Before sleep

My life can't live without my pretty house members..
Recently,without any makes up...
It is good to let the skin has a rest...^^