Thursday, May 6, 2010

♥ Naughty Girl ♥ Bad Girl ♥

I swear to god..
I am going to be a naughty girl...
Be a naughty girl and prepared heading to the club soon!

Daily horoscope said:
Agnes is a Emo crab today..
True! I am not in the mood & damn bad!!

I swear i won't stay at home on this coming weekend~
Will going to P and B..
These 2 places sure can cheers my days!!!
I can't wait for it anymore,luckily tomorrow is Friday!

Wow~~ The single costume party is on the plan now!!
Sure that will be a super crazy night in the hotel!!
Crazier to be true ♥

Empty promises~
Don't simply to makes any promise to me...As i already get a lot of empty promises~
Fed up with it...
Guys,remember...Don't do it to me anymore!
I hate the feeling of *disappointed*

Is Mother day coming? Sat or Sun??
I have no any idea how to celebrate for her yet..
P or B??
Is time to makes a plan for it...

Hey,Mr Daryl...
Don't bully at me anymore,can you??
Hate you..........
You can do it unless you don't love me anymore~~~