Friday, September 18, 2009

Should i welcome agnes is back to her blog???

Actually i am not really like to write blog ><"

But sometime i lazy to open my mouth to talk my sadness to friends, so my blog is a good place for me to speak out all unhappy sad bad things ><"
More than half year didn't log in my blog and share some happen of my life...
This time,i am back to my blog -Nes^^ Home- with some special of me... When i started this blog,was someone good gf...Now,i am NOT!! Agnes is single,and just starting her single new life^^

Sometimes really scared i will softhearted,i will back to the unhappy relationship because of the -people- talk somethings good or nice to me...Then i will just diam-diam and together with him again..I hope can be independent..I do hope!!! But talk is always easier than action ><.....

New life:
My friend list is just added some nice friendly and funny people^^
And few of them already became G-nes best friends,my best buddies^^
When i unhappy sad down...They can make me smile and laugh till forgot all the unhappy happened^^ Really thanks thx and thx.. My life becoming more happy,meaningful and just like the rainbow^^ Is because of you guys yea!! I hope this friendship will last forever^^ I am really use my real heart to treat you guys as my important buddies^^

without U:
The new life without you is just seem like Normal..Nothing happen...Nothing special..
I think is because i used to it ><""" Before broke up with U,my life was seem like got bf = NO bf!!!!! So now,feel like nothing special loz..
I know you still love me,still care me,still haven't give up the relationship..Hmm.....Maybe can back together in the future,coz nobody know what will happen on tomorrow..But NOT now..At least U change..U know what i hate (i guess)..U know what i dun like u to do (i guess)..At least u can change your habits...But i hope u can wish agnes get a new good bf and in a happy life^^I will wish U too^^