Saturday, April 24, 2010

The 5th day after operation...

I saw something from FB...
Maybe that's what we called as *Show Off*
Even through my eyes couldn't really see clearly for that~
But i still could get what i should see and should know~
FB is an amazing place to lets us keep connected~
I did say many times TQ to FB before~
It shown a lot of things to me...
It lets me to know a lot of things...
FB changed my life~
It was so unbelievable isn't??

Half year anniversary:
Broke with you already half year ^^
I am so happy that i still could remember the date..
But i almost forgot who are you ^^
Received your calls few times in a week~
I should say Thank you for your concern~
Others than TQ,i don't have any else topic to talk with you~

One year anniversary:
Wow~ I have been worked for BB more than a year~
I do love my job so much and my bosses as well~
Thanks ya bosses for those concerns and pampers~
I will work harder and not to be a naughty girl yea~

Another month anniversary:
Promised to HIM not to tell him about the anniversary,unless is 1 year~
ha ha ha ha ha.....
But i would like to say something to HIM..
Even my eyes not feeling well now..
But i still hope i can finish my typing for tonight~
Before my eyes feeling pain till the tears dropping!!
Please..give me 10 minutes..

Darling ♥
I think u must be worried me about my health and the operation (i guess)..and i do so~ Hope you can get well sooner than me~
Drinks more water and don't smoke so often ya~
Maggi is not really as good as you think la...Roti is better than it ^^
I hope i could take care of you when u are get sick ♥
Cook for you when you are hungry ♥
Massage for you when you are tiring ♥
Chat with you when you are boring ♥
Give a hug to you when you are unhappy ♥
Give a sweet kiss to you when you are happy ♥ ^^
But,i will never smoke with you when you are angry or stress ♥
Darling ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥.....>>
I love you so much to do so~
My love for you will never changes~
Hold me and don't simple to lets me go...