Friday, April 30, 2010

About ...FAIR...

You were damn pissed me off today..
Don't ever to talk about *FAIR* this such thing to me anymore~
There's never no this such thing in this world~
Please be mature as you are not a kid..
Don't ever to ask me why why why how how how again!!
Think it before ask me...
I do hope you are not going to be another Jass's..
Something was changed didn't means it's only because of boss stingy or what!
Some rules created by boss is because of you..
And this time is 2nd times already!!
You should learn from the last lesson but u didn't..
And today u created another problem again and gets me into the trouble!!
What a GOOD job you did!!
Fair or not fair,it's never control by me...
And i never believed in it...
I just tried to fight for the best benefits for myself...
If you fight for it then maybe you can get it as well~
But u didn't..
So,please stop talking bullshit there..
I pleased you to stop creating problem..
I am not mature enough also,but at least better than you^^
Thank you for the cooperation~

My mom's told me that today 3pm my dad's was calling her..
Guess what!!!
Talk a lot of bullshit la...What else...
Saying that he will die soon,this time maybe is the last time can heard his voice..
He will left all of cash/saving to my mom's..
Ask my mom's turn on the voice recording and save what he saying on the phone..
Another stupid is Ah Ming Gor!!
I hated him so so so so so much...
After a long shit story..
finally,my mom's was angry..
So both of these 2 stupids were stopped the topic and end call...

I don't have a good father but i had a good mother's...
She's the 1 loves me the most and sayang me the most ♥
Love you mummy's...

You are SO cute ♥ hahaha...
As cute as my stupid laughing bear :p
=====> I never speak rude/bad words OK...
And YOU..Please stop ^^

=====> Remember that i am a GIRL ^^ xoxo
Can't speak those words in front of me even through just on the phone^^ YEAH~

=====> Passport~~~
Wow..time passing super fast,FFK my friends almost half year already :p
I have to REALLY take an action la...
Wake up early and go to the f*cking slow likes a turtoise government department for my new passport~~~
Is it possible it will be done in May'2010??
ha ha ha.....No one will know the answer :p
But..........this time is because of HIM ♥
So...........No choice..I am not willing to lets my ears torture by HIM :p

Yeah~~~Tomorrow is 1st of May..
Labour day's..........
Nothing's special!!!
Don't know all peoples out there happy for what~
I can't go anywhere also~ Damn...
I wanna go Bukit Bintang!!!!!