Wednesday, April 28, 2010


♥ Party ♥
♥ Clubbing ♥
♥ Shopping ♥
♥ Beer Session ♥
♥ Crazy Gathering ♥
♥ Dating ♥
=======> My Life

But now..........
No party~
No Clubbing~
No shopping~
No Beer session~
No Crazy gathering~
No Dating~
=======> No Life

I can't take it anymore!!!
This weekend must go Pavilion or Bukit Bintang walk walk ^^
I want Nasi Lemak + Teh C panas with less sugar..
I want a cup of hot Vanilla..
I want a glass of ice chocolate..
I want a pack of cream puff..
I think that's all what i can eat!! Sigh...
I am not going to shopping and buy any new clothes!!
Since i couldn't be a pretty girl and go party!!
So,buy clothes for what???
I am SO poor la T_T

Finally,Agnes back to outlet and work^^
With her Dior spec and Juicy silver jacket^^
With her long hair and didn't tie up her hair^^
Without any make up^^
But peoples said i am look cuter than before ♥
**Hey,look like a little good girl**
I had never go to work without any make up even just a lip gross :p
But now i did and i feel SO fresh^^
Some more i can save a lot of time in the early morning^^
Because don't need to waste time for make up~

My Darling's can back to his sweet sweet home d ♥
You can have a very relax holiday,hibernate till you feel ENOUGH!!
Hibernation is always best ♥
But,do remember to sleep with your blanket ya~
I don't hope you will fall in sick,just like your baby's T_T
Darling,sorry to make you worried bout me ya~
I promised that i will take good care of myself OK~
I am trying my best...
Have a beautiful winter sleep ya...
I am here always miss you ♥ muacksss