Monday, April 12, 2010

Busy week gonna start soon

Tomorrow onward,will be very busy for an event~
The roadshow will be end on 19/4,but i will only work till 18/4~
Due to i will be having an operation on 19/4 morning 1130am~
Wish me luck ♥

I am not the girl that u knew before already OK~
Half year ago,i miss you often,u were a important one in my life~
But u didn't cherish what u had~
a word *regretted* is always appearing in your life~
Always and will never disappear~
You are just a nobody to me after you make the stupid decision!
I am not SO cruel,i will still answer your call~

Can't online till midnight and chat with my Only One!
Feel so sad..
Hope his BIS can be activate as soon as possible~

Regarding yesterday~
What he gave me is *touching* again ^^
I really don't know what i can do for him since he did for me many things!
Am i supposed to ask him changes himself??
I just don't know why i wanted him to changes those things that i unlike??
Because i love him too much?

**Listening the 1st song that he gave me**
♥ Now & Forever ♥

To my Only One,
Darling...Now and forever,i will be your woman ♥
I don't wish the 2012 will gonna be happen,because i wanted you to spend all your times with me for the rest of my life,i wanna see you become an old man..Until Nes is an old woman but u still be with me,your jokes and funny actions will not be less and end for me!
I am gonna miss you badly..
Love you a lot and a lot ♥