Sunday, April 11, 2010

Party ♥ Night ♥

Saturday night = Party night ♥
Went to Sanctuary with~
Honey Janice, Dear Vege, Kristy,
Mandy, Nicholas Tan, Keneshiro, Ken Leong,
David Tew, Edmund Ee and 5-6 more kaki ^^

Sanctuary is a HOT club!!!
Yesterday those songs was not so really nice!
But still was happy dancing with those kaki ^^
Honestly,i don't really like those guys touch me when i dancing~
I am wondering how come those guys likes to touch our girls?
Not so good!!! Behave yourself what~
And the club got so many *lala zai & lala mui* hahaha

Party 11pm onward till 230am End~
I saw got peoples were fighting at outside of the club~
Wow..Was so happening :p
Lot of bloods..The guy was lie down on the floor~
Damn...So weird!!

I am very tired now..Lazy to tell you guys about all of the details :p
But i still uploaded some of those Party pictures...
Cheerssss ♥

Heading to the Club~

Nes & Honey Janice

Janice ♥ Kristy ♥ Agnes

♥ Love this pic ♥ Cute?? :p

Ken Leong forced me to take this pic ^^ haha

** Flaming **

Errr...No comment for these 2 guys!!!

~Those peoples really damn kacau~

♥ Earlier birthday kiss to my honey ♥

♥ 3:30am reached home ♥

♥ Love my BB ♥

♥ Last photo,time to bath before scolding by mummy's ♥

♥ Very tired & sleepy,but i still miss my Darling very much ♥
Can't stop to thinking of him~
How wish he could be with me T_T


Anonymous said...

gal you have put on some weights , don't you ? but i can tell you are happier compare to last time.. all the best! with love, Evelyn