Friday, April 9, 2010

♥ G6 ♥

Finally,i got the mood to updated some of the Feb'10 memories~

Clubbing ♥ G6 ♥
**last gathering**
(can say so,cause after this,everything was changed)

♥ before drink...damn bored ♥

♥likes to clubbing with my dear Chrys♥
**errr.....i am not that FAT as u see OK**
^camera problem :p^

♥non-stop photo-ing is what i always do♥

♥Just a memory & it will not be happen in my life anymore♥

♥peoples said i look like Japanese but not local,ya meh??♥
**Sometimes they don't even dare to talk Chinese & Malay with me,cause they thought i am not local!! Speechless**
♥Group pic♥ Party END..

It was a very fun night..
Thanks to the guy for paying the Flaming :p
**Me and Vent went to the bar and would like to order the Flaming,the guy came and said pay for us** hahaha
Sorry to the another guy,he would likes to buy us a set of shooters,but we didn't take it due to the bartender too slow to makes us the drink..
Anyhow,thank to you ya~
2am..Party end and went to Bangsar MCD for supper ♥

I don't think this happy memory will happen again~
Agnes misses you guys very much~