Thursday, April 8, 2010

~~~Let's pictures telling for my ♥heart♥~~~

Broke with my Ex about half year ago..
Forgotten what's heartache and painful..
And i never to give up for my love..
I've waiting for my love and wondering who will be my next lover and wish him will be my last ♥

Finally,my cupid came to me ♥ And he did bring you to me ♥
In the same time,your cupid's did it to you as well...
Our hearts>>>>>>>>>>Connected ♥

But,you are so far away~
I am waiting for you..
Distance>>makes us cherish each other more and more~

I do miss you every day and each moment ♥
I knew you are same as me ♥
What you did for me,i do know,that's one of the reason to makes me fall deeply for you ♥

You told me...
I hold the key for your heart ♥
It belongs to me and only me...
Now & Forever.....*sweet*

I only willing to let your hands to fit the spaces between my fingers~
Once you hold my hands~
Promised me.......
Don't simple to lets me go...♥

I just want you to give me a big hug..When.....
See me.....
Can you feel how sweet and warm? ♥

It's what i wanna give you ♥♥♥♥♥
a kiss without reason...
I will cherish every minute when being with you..

I wanna walk along the beach with my Darling,Mr Daryl ♥
Hold my hand...
Lets me lean my head on your shoulder...
Listen to the natural music by the ocean..
Tell me you love me so much ^^
One day,we will be apart..
I will be at the other side of the sea..
Our hearts>>>>>still connected ♥

We will be having a happy holiday~
Because we have each other~
Is time to say Good Bye..
And we don't know when will meet again~
Alone again..
But i will never be afraid...
Cause you are always in my heart to accompany me ♥

I am afraid to touch hold your hug you..
Cause i know..
I will never be able to let go ♥

P/s: Darling...Miss your voice again ♥

**to others..don't tell me u r envy him again ok^^***