Monday, April 26, 2010

Medical leave..........>> END

Finally,removed those stitches~
Not as pain as i think ^^ *lucky*
But i still can see the scar,doctor's said gotta take about 3 months only will fully recover and disappear~
1 month cannot make up,sigh.....
Anyhow,i will take good care and be careful..
Thanks to my buddies for those *funny* concerns ya :p
Will meet up with you guys as soon as possible~
Don't ever try to makes me laugh (you guys are too funny to me)
So,please don't!!
You guys believed i will really punch yours with all my energy n power right^^
By the way,keep BBM ♥

Went to Mid Valley with sis's~
Both of us went to the camera shop~
Wow!! the Sony pink cam really very nice and beautiful ♥
It's SO match me :p
Then went to the Canon shop after that...
The new Canon pink cam also not bad..
Considered for so long already...
Am i too choosy? (i think i am not) ^^
Any idea?
Sony pink or Canon pink ya??!!!
I want a pink cam for my upcoming beautiful life^^
Hope it will save a lot of happy sweet memories for me
and darling when i be with him ♥
P/s: Buddies,i am gonna take as much as i can :p imao

Tomorrow will back to work...
17 days didn't back to my outlet already~
Mummy's said she will wake up earlier and prepare the lunch box for me^^
Because she is not allowed me to buy outside foods!
Thank to you ya my best ever mother ♥

I can't online till midnight already~
Darling,i am gonna miss you more and more,deep and deep ♥
Don't be a naughty boy OK~
With loves ♥