Tuesday, April 27, 2010

♥ 非常にあなたを逃す♥

Sore throat,Fever and headache..
Didn't go work today,unpaid medical leave..
18 days didn't back to outlet already~
Sam decided going to resign and will only work till end of June~
And i do deciding about it as well...
Should i?

BBM with my dear hunnn ♥
Both of us also fall in sick! Damn pity actually~
We do know is because always play till midnight and too much parties then only becomes easier to fall in sick...
We do know OK...
But,what to do???
No alcohol No party = No life
That's life~
Even through we knew what makes us sick!
We talked about some Men topic as well~
The overall answer after what we discussed is...
Do not to believe what a guy talk to a girl ^^
If you choose to believe then please believe HALF...
Half is more than enough~
I really don't understand,how come you still wanna cheat her??
Lier is always a lier!
Non of my business actually~
I have always to tell myself...
I don't have the *responsibility* to help you to cover what u cheated at her^^
I am just tired of this such of bullshit~
By the way,that's your life...
I and we also not willing to help and get into the trouble^^

Went to see a Chinese Traditional doctor..
He said because i always play till midnight and too parties..
That's a most important reason to make my body becomes so weak!!!
My mummy's didn't say much...
She was just asking me,are you going to online till midnight in this few days?
I have to rest as early as i can..
So that i only can recover and to be a healthy good girl again^^

♥ My Love...♥
I miss your voice so much...
I miss you a lot..
I miss you more than i miss my Dad's :p
And i love you (for today) ♥
Everyday my ♥ for you is difference~
Today,my love for you is just like a dark chocolate~
How about you?? Do you miss me? ♥
I really wish you could be with me now,so that my head can lean on your shoulder^^
Especially when i get sick!
I need your sayang ♥
But,i do hope you can work harder..
That's most important~
I understood..The feeling when you are be alone over there was not so good~
But..that's your career ^^
Anyhow,take good care ya...Especially during Winter~
Lovessss you My Darling Daryl ♥