Tuesday, August 3, 2010

♥ Agnes Nes ♥

Welcome myself back to the blog~
I've been stop blogging nearly two months.. I wish in the future i can share all my happening life here with you guys ^^

I did say it before " Single life for two months " and now i did it...
However, is time for me to look for another man =)
I think i am ready for a new relationship, no rush but looking ^^
Actually i am very enjoying my recent life, always outing with my babes & friends~
So, maybe still will being as a single girl ♥

Now i only realized that got many peoples also think Agnes Nes is a playgirl and playing around.. Just because of my outlook and what they see, never know about me... But it's alright, cause i also asking myself, AM I ?? I admit i am playful but haven't reach the level of PLAYGIRL..

Honestly, i am very friendly, even though is new friend, i also can treat you as a best friend.. But what others people think is Agnes Nes is flirting around.. - Speechless -

I am open minded, but not that kind can simple O N S with peoples OK?

I ♥ clubbing, ♥ alcohol, ♥ dancing, ♥ chit-chatting..It's my life, no one can stop me or keep telling me what bad on these activities!
If you love me then must accept my life~
Will trying to cut down but will never stop~

Still thinking should i back to my dancing life?
Ballet, Contemporary, Tap, Jazz, Modern dance, Yoga & Pilates... I miss all of my students very much!!! I felt so touching cause i always received my students msg from FB, they said: Teacher Agnes, i miss you, when you come back and teach us...
Seriously, i feel like to cry when every times i see and read it...

Every times when i thinking my dancing life, i feel so sorry to some one~ What i owe her will never able can return to her.. What she gave me is just too much and i disappointed her too much!!

Japanese class:
Oh My God!! It's August!!! And i am ready to back to my Japanese class student life... Feel so excited, can't wait can't wait ♥

Will update some post about life of Agnes Nes On June & July ^^
Once again, welcome myself back to the blog ♥

To my Babe Elin, Happy Birthday ya~~~