Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Finally, i heard what i wanna listen from you..
--Pretend never knew you-- and ect..
Thanks for those words my love, it was really could make me totally give up and let you go and of cause won't think you so much...

You should know that i can't just simple to pretend never knew you ^^
But i will try my best to do it as you wish~
I am not going to know what is the reason anymore and just leave you alone like that...

Here i wanna say something to you *last* and *no more*

Thank you for these few months for those sweet ever memories..
Thank you for given me the special warm feeling..
Thank you for those concerns when i was down and unhappy,especially during my operation..
Thank you for calling and sms me everyday when you are in South Africa... I knew the amount of the bill is damn high...
Thank you for buying the BB even though you still haven't activate the BIS since you were in South Africa till now.. I won't have the chance to see your name appear on my BBM contact list anymore~ But i hope you will enjoy the entertainment through the BB~

Sorry to you if i did something to make you feel not well...
Sorry to you if i said something to make you angry at me...
Sorry to you if i always sms you to make you feel like i disturbed you..
SMS you ----> just wanna concern you as i treat you as my friend..
Sorry if i did wrong.. I won't do it anymore!

Daryl, take good care of yourself.. Wish your businesses are doing well and smooth..All of the problems sure can be settle by you as i know you are strong enough ^^ Enjoy your life~ Not going to say Sorry anymore but Thank You :p
I hope we can talk with each other face to face one day but not now, chatting without stress just like normal friend ^^ Take Care~

Yesterday i was allowed myself to let my tears dropping from my sleepy eyes..I was telling myself,just the few minutes OK? After all these everything will be alright..No more pain and suffer,stop thinking and stop blaming..Upset for a week is more than enough,not worth to let the sadness full filled my mind~

Gosh!!! I did it... I feel the fresh of my new life again..I had a very busy day,although i still have think of you a few moments,but it didn't affect my mood or be a emo crab again ^^
**Crap for myself**

I am starting my new life again..I am single but not available now till i get to meet a guy that can give me the good feeling.. But i promised to myself won't fall in love easily and don't trust guys so simply..

Recent life is full of working, clubbing, party, shopping, yum cha ^^
I am planning to go Bukit Bintang with family for a yummy lunchie on Saturday then do some shopping *if Friday i won't go for clubbing la* hahaha
Sunday will going to Sunway Pyramid meet up with my dear for a relaxing lunch gossip session and do some shopping also ^^

Some one told me will going to buy me *my favorite japanese cheese cake* hahaha
I am waiting for it ya...Thankew bely muchie..

I do planning to go for a short relaxing trip with some closed friends ^^
BEACH!! I am gonna celebrate my birthday!! yea yea bili bala bili bala~~~lalala...



It makes me feels sad goin thru this post of yours, if it was meant to be it will someday just not now but cheer up and smile alwis...u got my support Agnes head of M7 ^^