Monday, March 29, 2010

29032010 Normal as usual

Don't know what happened to my right hand...
It's painful and feeling out of energy...
Today let a Malay -chao sui- !!!
Damn...He was put his hand on my waist!!
I sent an email to my boss,regarding my leave~
I wanna apply for 16th and 19th April'10...
Then my boss called and told me we will be having roadshow during the same date~
13rd until 18th April'10...
He asked me take leave for 19th till 22nd..
So,i said no problem lo...
It does means my operation will changes to 19th,hopefully the doctor is available~
Because i will only call them to changes the date for me on tomorrow~
I do scared pain..scared blood..scared scar..
But,what to do???
I have to take good care of myself after the operation!
Thanks for those support from my family and best buddies~
If without you guys,i don't think i will go for it~
You guys makes me brave enough :p
Especially to my Darling,even he don't want,but he's still support me~
A special *power* received from him..
And the power did work on me~
Thinking of him,i am not scared anymore~
How special it is??!!!
Because i love him,just because he's too special to me~

Tomorrow will going to bukit bintang help the dealer for one day!!
And got to go NY settle the RM1500 deposit,i think i will changes it to special facial treatment ^^
I can't wait for the operation ya!!!
Fast fast do,fast fast recover,fast fast back to party life~
I will stop clubbing life for 2 months!!!
Be a good girl stay at home and let it fully recover as soon as possible~