Sunday, March 28, 2010

♥ Only you and just only you ♥

The smile on your face,let's me know that you need me ♥
there's a truth in your eye's ♥
saying that you WILL NEVER LEAVE ♥
the touch of your hands ♥
says you will catch me,whenever i fall ♥
***I will never ask for more than your love ♥***

Only you could brings me happiness~
Only you could let the smile appear on my face~
Only you could cheers up my bad day~

Just now almost argue with my Darling~
I damn scared..
I know he's cares about me,concerns me~
Actually,i am worrying..something.....
By the way,i could feel that he was damn angry and disappointed just now..
Sorry my Darling~
I am very happy^^ Because just now i did chatting with him on the phone^^
The feeling is just toooooo GOOD~
Even when the conversation starting we were unhappy~
Thanks for the *chicken* yea ^^
Let me make my Darling back to the Good Mood ♥
Don't ask me why is the chicken :p (secret)

I do hope i won't meet any bastard in the future!
Thanks~ Because i really dislike got any unhappy case!
God bless..