Saturday, March 20, 2010

!!!!! What a boring day !!!!!

Today damn bored,whole day stay at home online and watch drama only~
OMG !! Am i Agnes?? Stay at home for the whole day!!
Really beh tahan!!
Tomorrow morning will going to Pavilion breakfast with Mummy's..
Then do some shopping ^^ Then then then then then.....
Go home and online chat with my Only One, since he promised me just now when he called, he will wake up at 9am 10am and online chat with me!!!!!
Just now network over there really bad..sob sobzz..
Only can heard my Darling voice a while~
Even just a little moment,but did make me happy and sweet~
Because of his sweet words and funny words :p
He can deleted the * 9 * in the sentence ^^ muacksss
Darl, you are so funny and lovely la~~~
My Darl understand the meaning of Ai Ren ^^
And he called me as his Wo De Ai Ren *sweet*

Oh..... My Love..... My Darling...
I've hungered for your touch...
A long... Lonely time ..........»
And time goes by so slowly... And time can do so much.....»
Are u still mine?
I need your love, I need your love...
God speed your love to me.....»
* ke^N^es