Sunday, April 4, 2010

Boring Sunday

Today is just another boring Sunday..
I thought i can finish my assignment,19 papers!!
But but but :p
Didn't done 1 paper at all..
Arrrggg.....Help me!
When i gonna done my 19 papers and 2 exams oh???
I am just too lazy!
I am bored of reading the anatomy book and the history~
Actually,i almost forget all about the history already :p
How how how??
Every time looking at the book cover,nearly faint..
Book cover only!
I took all the books out from my study bag,looking at them~
After few minutes..........
Turn on the lappy and online :p
And.....Till NOW!! What the hell i am doing??!!!

I ♥ Japanese~

I am looking at my study bag and thinking...
How come i still haven't throw the bag that u bought for me?
I should throw it into the rubbish bin half month ago..

Yesterday,accompany Debbie's went to a place do injection~
Wow..Damn scary la...
When i saw the bloods,i felt like to vomit!!
Oh My God!! My operation is coming soon le!!!
Very scared la..........