Sunday, April 4, 2010

Pretend didn't see anything

As a friend,some times..
Should keep silence..
Should pretend didn't see anything..
Should act like don't know anything..
But,i am really unhappy to see both of you likes this!
Less than one month,everything just changed likes the hell...
No one can promised for the *forever*
Forever?? Please!! No such thing!!
I cherish the friendship,a pure friendship..
If one day,the friendship was changes..
The problem is just because of you..
I am a girl,i will stand at her side...
I could understand what's her feeling now..
Just fucking sad and suffer..
At the same time,what are you doing now??
When the girl that you loved in deep before,she's fucking unhappy,sad,crying now!! What the hell are you doing with the girl now??
Non of my business actually..
But i just Beh Tahan this suck bullshit..

Dear,be strong be tough..
Your Mr Right is on his way to you and i am sure you will have a fairytale ending^^
Don't forget you still have your Family and Friends here always support you..
Miss you and hope to see you soon~
Take good care @Aust...