Sunday, April 4, 2010

Love is♥..........Love is ♥.......... a complicated game

How many time is the heart can be hurt by guys again??

Love is a complicated game ♥
Once the game started,you might have a good prepared for the feeling of *hurt*
If you are lucky enough,then you can enjoy the happy ending..
I am not a professional good gamer..
I will only try my best to reach to the final point and enjoy the *happy ending*

Dear's told me...
Love~ can't blame anyone..
I am wondering is it true?

Enjoy single life?
But,girls are always needed a guy..
Need a hug..
Need a shoulder..
Need some one to pamper and concern..
And these are come from a man but not from friend or family...

Guys are the professional actor (cheater)..
Girls are always simple to believed what a cheater say..
Too many cheaters in my current life...
I looked like nothing..
But,actually i really very unhappy..
I don't want to give any advice to u..
Because i know you won't accept and listen..
Some one said,you will not have a good ending..
I agreed with it...Since bad guys will never got a happy what ^^
Really very bored to talk about the same topic with you..
Lazy and bored of listening your story..
As you said you are very PITY,but we don't know~
If that's called as PITY,please think for your pre-lover..
That's the *PITY* should say for..

You guys treated love as a game...
Guy is the controller..the gamer..
Girl is just under control by him..
Never say NO...Always accepted the false..
Always forgive the gamer even through the gamer always did wrong..
Simple to let the game over and start again..
= get hurt and hurt again and againnnnn!

P/s: If you tell me about how pity you are..
Seriously,i don't have any comment anymore~
If you'd like to change the friendship,then just go ahead and continue~
I'm sure u will lost all the friendship one day..
In the end,you are the loser..
Everything looks like changed a lot,included you~
Maybe,you never changed..Just because i didn't know you well~
But,NOW..I knew ^^
I'm gonna see what's your ENDING~
Don't say me never concern u ya :p
Don't let me to know anything else..
It means to influence my mood...
If you didn't mean to affect my mood and will not to do so~
Then please..STOP!
Otherwise,you will regretted...DEFINITELY...