Monday, May 24, 2010

Last week of May'2010

Woo Hoo.....Finally today is 24th of May ^^
It's end of the month!!
Another don't know 10 or 11 days my hubby will be in Malaysia~
Lets continue counting down for it...

Today is my bad luck Monday..
Sigh...i am lazy to tell you guys about the story because i have been repeat and repeat to many peoples the same story!!

I am gonna open another new blog^^
Here got a lot of my old memories,i did share the sad and happy story with u guys since few years ago,and now i decided to stop to update any latest news here...
More than 200 posts,tonight i am going to read all of the old and new posts,after that i will stop~
I hope i can do it :p

Thanks for supporting me all the times..